Featured Tutors for Levels 6-12

Matt Morris Photo for RBS.png

Dr. Matthew Morris, PhD, MA, BA

Subjects: English and Humanities

30+ years in education

Kara Wood.PNG

Ms. Kara Wood, Masters in Education, NBCT

Subjects: English

21 years in education

Lee Harris Photo.jpg

Mr. Lee Harris,

BA Classical Studies

Subjects: Math, Latin

Madeline Smith photo.jpg

Ms. Madeline Smith,

BS Middle School Education

Subjects: Math, K-12

Logan Smith.JPG

Ms. Logan Smith, BA Political Science, MA Global Studies

Subjects: History (US, European, World), ENG, Politics and Government, Russian

Carey Paige photo.jpg

Ms. Carey Paige, BS in English, Secondary Education

Subjects: English, K-12

Elizabeth_Suira Photo.jpg

Ms. Elizabeth Suira

Education in English as a Second Language

Subjects: Spanish

Selecting a Tutor

Once you find a tutor to meet your academic needs, you should use the "Contact" form and include the following in your request: Subject of Interest, Zoom and/or Face-to-Face, Time Preferences, and Contact Information. Our professional tutors have a standard rate of $40 per tutoring session; however, each tutor may set their own rates depending on travel and time availability. Scholarship opportunities are available for partial and/or full session rates. You will be contacted by a tutor within 48 hours of your confirmation email. You and your tutor will work out meeting details and preferences to best suit your individual needs.