About Us

There is an old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

After twelve years of teaching at the Community College level, four of those years being solely online, I never would have predicted that a global pandemic would be the catalyst to move all levels of learning to an online format. Teaching in a traditional face-to-face setting most of my career, I knew that transitioning to solely online teaching in 2015 would be a challenge. After much training and several years of experience, I finally felt comfortable delivering content effectively in an online environment. Unfortunately, when COVID-19 turned our world upside down, many of our teachers (at all levels) had to quickly adapt to this challenging platform.  

Red Barn Scholars Tutoring Resources was officially established in January 2021 to help bridge the gap in distance learning. From my experiences as an educator, I knew the transition from face-to-face learning to an online platform (and hybrids in between) would affect our students in tremendous ways, both academically and personally. While College campuses often offer “free” tutoring as a part of the tuition, many K-12 public and private schools do not have the resources available to serve supplemental, instructional needs – that is where we come in!

Our philosophy at Red Barn Scholars Tutoring Resources is to empower our students, meet them where they are in their needs, and provide guidance with a down to earth approach. While obtaining my Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition in 2010, I was heavily influenced by the Transcendentalists – Emerson, Whitman, Thoreau. I believe that all goals can be obtained with the right amount of work and confidence. I also believe that we are all connected and when our students do well, our society does well. The name “Red Barn Scholars” gives nod to those Transcendentalists and reminds me at the end of the day, let us work with our hands and our minds, let us be approachable, let us achieve incredible things together.

All the best,

Jennifer F. Boyle, Owner

Red Barn Scholars Tutoring Resources

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